Supplements And Their Affects On Dogs

Dogs can exist on a diet of meat, fruit, and vegetables. The benefits of supplements are overwhelming and can add several healthy years to your dog’s life. Lifestyle and the foods and nutrients our pets receive make up 70 percent of their longevity, and 80-90 percent of the diseases in dogs are due to the degenerative processes that come with aging.

Major health changes occur in a short amount of time in dogs, as they age seven times faster than people (on the average). Aging is a process in which the body’s systems deteriorate faster than the body can repair them, and dogs have different nutritional needs at different life stages.

Supplements can pick up where dog foods leave off with the added benefit that some medical conditions,

like arthritis, and hip dysphasia can be treated with supplements. Vitamins such as A, B1, and Folic Acid; and minerals like potassium probiotics can help dog’s live longer, healthier lives. The ideal supplements for your dog are those targeted to your dog’s particular health needs, as determined by your vet.

Supplements are available in many forms, including liquid, pill, and powder forms. Features to consider in dog supplements are; the ingredients, efficacy , form-powder, pill or liquid, easy to give, veterinarian approved, and most important, appropriate for the age, weight, breed, and health of your pet.

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Always remember to consult your veterinarian before choosing or giving supplements to your pet. Make sure the supplements you choose are for dogs, not cats or people, there are differences, and a follow-up exam by your veterinarian would give you a better indication of how well your dog’s metabolism is benefiting from the supplements. Once the ideal supplement is found, regular use is the key to success for good health.

Supplements can be the key to good health for your pet. But remember to always use them in moderation and do not mix supplements, this could be potentially dangerous to your pet.

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